Registration fee The registration fee for JDeco is €50 EURO, $72 US Dollar, or £45 British Pound.

Benefits of a registration
  1. The limitations to gas mixes with <=40% O2 and 0% Helium are taken away. All gas mixes possible
  2. Persistently stored Settings, Dive Series, and Mixes.
  3. Lifetime upgrades for free.
  4. Great support - just test me!

What if I get a new phone? etc. In case you have a registered version of JDeco and buy a new phone you will, of course, receive a free registration key for JDeco for the new phone. A max number of 2 keys per year, user, and version of JDeco is assumed!

Please note that JDeco is offered as-is. You can test the program before registration. When you are satisfied with how it works then you can register it. Additionally, you should check that the unregistered version works correctly on your particular phone/device. There are so many different phones/devices out there that I can not guarantee that it works on all of them.


Via PayPal To register simply fill in the JDeco registration number (found in JDecos "Register" menu) in the field corresponding to your favorite currency. Then click on the "Register" button next to it. You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can complete the payment using a secure transaction.

Registration Number (50€):
Registration Number (72US$):
Registration Number (45£):
Don't forget to enter the registration number in the field next to your favorite currency. This registration number is needed in order to generate the activation key for your copy of JDeco.

It is a number that you find when you start the JDeco software and choose "Register" in the menu.

After sending the payment via Paypal, please give me a couple of hours time to come home, read the email that paypal sends me and then generate a registration key and send it back to you. Bear in mind that I live in Europe and that there can be delays due to different time zones that you and me live in. Also, I might not read my emails on weekends (although that happens seldom ... but it actually does happen). Usually, when I am away for more than 3 days without email access I do leave a note in large bold letters on this page :)

Via Bank Transfer Please mail me for my bank account details to info@jdeco.de.

By Cash This option is suitable for those that can't use the above methods. Its a bit more risky but it has worked perfectly before! Please mail me to obtain my address.